The most mind blowing facts people do not know

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The most mind blowing facts people do not know

. It is possible for people to swim through some of the blue whale's blood vessels.

. People do not sneeze in their sleep due to their brain shutting down the reflex.

.Because it receives its own electrical impulse, your heart can continue to beat even when detached from the body.

. When compared to a dog, an ant has a far more acute sense of smell.

. While in space, an astronaut's stature can increase by as much as two inches.

. Brazil boasts the most biodiversity of any country on the planet, with more than 50,000 species of plants and trees.

. The inside of the vagina and the inside of a cheek is made of the same tissue.

. Pluto did not complete one full circle of the sun between its discovery and declassification as a planet.

. 90% of the population on Earth lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

. Hippos have pink urine.

. There were still mammoths roaming the earth by the time the pyramids were being constructed.

. The world's largest living organism is one huge mushroom that lives underground somewhere in North America.

. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321.

. It would take 1,200,000 mosquitoes, each sucking once, to completely drain the average human of blood.

. Abalones (a snail) have 5 assholes.

. Australia is wider than the Moon.

The most mind blowing facts people do not know

. Q doesn’t appear in any American state name.

. There’s a fruit called black sepote that tastes like chocolate pudding and sweet custard.

. The quickest commercial flight was in Scotland.

.Among all countries in the world, Sudan boasts the most pyramids.

. All mammals get goosebumps.

. Bats are the only flying mammals.

. Platypuses sweat milk.

. Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

.Your dead skin accounts for most of the dust in your house.

If a pregnant woman has organ damage, then the fetus in her womb sends its stem cells to help repair the organ.

It takes 4 seconds for silence to become awkward!

40% of women consider dumping their boyfriend if their friends didn't like him!

An average person walks equivalent to 3 times [of what] on the earth in his lifetime:

.Your brain burns 400-500 calories a day

.Identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints.

.Your brain is constantly eating itself.

.Earth’s rotation is changing speed.

.Giraffes are 30 times more likely to get hit by lightning than people.

.A cloud weighs around a million tonnes.

.Animals can experience time differently from humans.

The most mind blowing facts people do not know

.Water might not be wet.

.The Universe's average colour is called 'Cosmic latte'.

.The largest piece of fossilised dinosaur poo discovered is over 30cm long and over two litres in volume.18

.If every bacterium on Earth were piled on top of every other bacterium, the distance between them would be 10 billion light-years.

.Octopuses don’t actually have tentacles.

.Our solar system has a wall.

.Mount Everest is not the tallest mountain on Earth.

.The Sun makes a sound but we can't hear it.

.The world’s oldest cat lived to 38 years and three days old

.You can actually die laughing.

.Earth’s poles are moving.

.Comets smell like rotten eggs

The most mind blowing facts people do not know

.NASA genuinely faked part of the Moon landing.

.Most maps of the world are wrong.

.Wind turbines kill between 10,000 and 100,000 birds each year in the UK

.Football teams wearing red kits play better

.The T.rex likely had feathers.

.Ants don’t have lungs.

.Chainsaws were first invented for childbirth

.Bananas are radioactive.

.Your signature could reveal personality traits.

. There is usually more than one horsepowe on a horse.

.Sound can be minus decibels.

.Snails have teeth.

The most mind blowing facts people do not know

.Somebody has been constipated for 45 days. I

.Bacteria on your skin cause your itches.

.Starfish don’t have bodies

.You can yo-yo in space

.The Moon looks upside down in the Southern Hemisphere

. Fresh fruit practically guarantees that you won't get too much sugar.

.Before a martial arts match, smiling makes the fighters more likely to lose.

.There’s a planet mostly made from diamond.

The most mind blowing facts people do not know

.Platypuses sweat milk.

.Your nails grow faster in hot summer.

.It is almost impossible to get too much sugar from fresh fruit.

.Beavers don't actually live in dams

A human has fewer chromosomes than a potato.

You are 13.8% more likely to die on your birthday, than on any other day.

The length of the foot is about equal to the length of the forearm in over 99% of people.

Sweat doesn't smell, it's the bacteria that eats the sweat emitting that awful odor.

The letter "a" does not appear in any of the digits 1–999 in its word form.

The remote control was invented earlier than the television.

Nuggets of chicken do not typically include chicken flesh as a component.

The inventor of Pringles is buried in a Pringles can.

Not only are rats extremely ticklish, but they also make an inaudible high-pitched giggle sound.

Your dominant hand is the one where your fingernails grow the quickest.

Flowers arrangements at funerals originally served to mask the stench of rotting corpse.

You will produce enough saliva to fill up two swimming pools during your life time.

Without the use of colourants, Coca-Cola would have a green hue.

If you farted for 6 years straight, you could produce enough energy for an atomic bomb.