What trivial knowledge might save your life one day?

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What trivial knowledge might save your life one day?

Here are a few vital pieces of information that could end up saving your life

When having a heart attack, you do not swallow asprin, you chew it. Then swallow.

If someone gets pierced by a sharp object or stabbed. Keep it there. The item is preventing the blood from oozing out.

If you ever get shot by a small caliber weapon, one of the best things to use to plug the hole and stop the bleeding is a tampon.

If you are choking or having a heart attack get out of your car. You can not signal anyone if you are unconscious inside the car, but if you are draped over the hood of the car you are sending a distress signal.

If you vomit and it looks like coffee grounds, you need to get to a hospital. You are bleeding somewhere and it is reaching your stomach. The partially digested blood resembles coffee grounds.

Do not ever, under any circumstances, punch an attacker in the chest. You are not in a movie. Instead, go for the groin, eyes, or ears and then run and scream as fast and loud as you can.

If you ever almost drown to the point of throwing up water or passing out, even if you feel 100% fine, get to a hospital. Over the next few hours, your lungs may inadvertently fill up with fluid.

Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing.

If you are ever somewhere really high (e.g. hiking) and you hear crunchy/crinkling noises in the air and/or feel static electricity (like your hair standing up), get out of there immediately, lightning is on it is way.

Use this helpful rhyme if you are ever facing a bear: If it is brown, lay down. If it is black, fight back. If it is white, good night.

They rarely put Barnes and Nobles in bad areas, so if you are lost and need to find a decent area to stop, put "Barnes and Noble" in your GPS.

What trivial knowledge might save your life one day?

You should not descend the stairs while holding your hands in your pockets.

If you are stuck on a train track and have to abandon your vehicle to an oncoming train, run away from the track but also run towards the train itself. If you run in the same direction as the train is traveling, you will be standing where the debris of your former car lands.

If you are at the beach and the ocean suddenly recedes, get to high ground. ASAP

Keep cool and swim parallel to the shore if you get stranded in a riptide. You'll still be pulled out some, but it is better than fighting against the riptide, which is inevitably stronger than you are. Once you are beyond the riptide, you can swim to shore.

When drowning, use your jeans as a life preserver in water by tying the legs together and filling them air.

Rather than yelling "Help!" in general, try addressing specific individuals when you shout for aid. For example, "You with the red shirt, help me, I am being mugged." A mugging is taking place.

Most important: You were born with instincts. If you get a bad feeling about a person, a place, or a circumstance, it is likely that you're right. Do not discount those feelings in your gut that something is not going to work out, or there is something haz ardous about the situation. Also, in these situations, do not be afraid of being rude. Just leave.