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interesting Facts about the Sweden

Sweden has been an autonomous country for the beyond a long time (beginning around 1523).

Sweden figured out how to remain autonomous and avoid battle during WWII while all the neighbor nations were gone after. The Soviet Association went after Finland, while the Germans were interested in Norway and Denmark.

Since 1815, Sweden has enjoyed peace for 202 years.

"Opportunity to wander" (Allemansr├Ątten). On both public and private property, everyone is welcome to camp, climb, work out, and harvest berries.

94 murders during 2012, contrasted with 14 748 in the US (1 versus 4.8 per 100 000 occupants, UNODC)

Sweden is huge yet inadequately populated. Sweden represents 10% of the European Association's expanse of land, yet just around 1.8% of the populace.

Swedes eat a lot of dairy products and there are many different kinds to choose from. Generally Swedes have consumed such a lot of dairy items during the time that a great many people have qualities that permit us to consume dairy items as grown-ups (95% versus 10% in a few African and Asian nations).

College/school is free. Understudies retain the right to an understudy award and a fair credit to help with daily expenses.

A one and a half year parental leave is granted to both parents.

Five weeks of paid excursion each year.

Whatever their age, children have the right to choose whatever school they want.

Many secondary schools give workstations to the understudies.

A few schools are free to attend yet exclusive (friskolor). This joined with the option to uninhibitedly pick what school to go to makes contest among schools and expands the nature of training.

With no oil help (hello Norway), Sweden can maintain a high standard of living and asset the government aid programmes while maintaining a low expenditure plan deficit of only 0.5% of the GDP.