Give me some space information that will blow my mind

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Give me some space information that will blow my mind

The Space makes us rethink the answers we already know and brings out new questions and mysteries in numerous ways. There are tons of things about the space that you probably haven’t even heard of!

Here’s a mind-blowing space fact for you!

“The observable Universe is so vast that, If light left Earth today, it would take 46.5 billion years to reach its edge.”

Let's comprehend the vastness of our universe with the assistance of the quickest traveling entity- 'Light'.

Here's an interesting example-

Pretend for a second that you are a football player.

You try to kick the ball into the goal with all your might as a top-tier footballer, but you fail miserably.

Suddenly, the force of gravity on Earth stops acting on the Ball, and the Ball you kicked eventually reaches the speed of light.

More and more, the ball is soaring into the sky.

Let's follow it to capture this incredible shot!

Wow! The ball has reached our beautiful celestial companion Moon.

The ball's journey to the Moon took about three seconds. Was not that amazing? Well, do not forget to keep track of the ball.

Now, let's track the Ball to our lovely red planet, Mars!

The Ball reached Mars in just 12 minutes and 42 seconds.

Let's track it even further.

Ball has now surpassed all the planets and has now reached the edge of our Solar System. It took about 2 years for the Ball to travel this far.

It is still traversing the immense void of space, reveling in the splendor of the universe.

Oh, look! Do you notice those star systems resembling our sun?

The Alpha Centauri solar system has been reached by the sphere that we sent out.

The Ball reached Alpha Centauri after a journey of approximately 4.4 years.

Wasn't that a captivating voyage?"

The ball is passing through the vast expanse of our galaxy, encountering dust clouds and nebulas, creating a stunning view.

After traveling for years further, we are now at the edge of our galaxy, the Milky Way!

It took us 923,330 years to reach here. It was quite a journey!

Don not give up just yet, though!

Now that it has departed from our galaxy, the ball is en route to Andromeda, our lovely neighbour to the north. We have finally arrived, after enduring this ordeal's fair share of darkness and hardship.

Andromeda was reached by humans after about 2.5 million years.

It appears that the adventure is far from finished.

The ball continued its journey through space, crashing into stars and asteroids before it finally encountered an extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, the ball was unharmed by the extraterrestrials. Do not stray from the path; we must remain steadfast.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity of journey, we have arrived at the boundary of the observable cosmos!

It took approximately 46.5 billion years for the ball to arrive here.

What a journey it was!

This is how vast the Cosmos is! Imagine how small we are in comparison.