Mind blowing facts you know about animals

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Mind blowing facts you know about animals

. The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds.

. An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

.Blood in lobsters is colourless but turns blue when exposed to air.

Mind blowing facts you know about animals

. At the same time, goldfish are able to see ultraviolet and infrared light.

. It is possible for a giraffe to wipe its ears with its 21-inch tongue.

. A cow can be led upwards, but not downstairs.

. Frogs can't swallow with their eyes open.

. Elephants are the only mammal that can't jump.

. A crocodile can't move its tongue.

. A group of frogs is called an army.

Mind blowing facts you know about animals

. White cats with blue eyes are usually deaf.

. A cat's jumping height can reach seven times its tail length.

. There are more chickens than people.

. A starving mouse will eat it’s own tail.

. Jelly fish evaporate in the sun. They’re 98% water.

. Hippo’s sweat is pink in colour.

. Ferrets sleep 20hrs a day.

. Dalmatians are born without spots.

. Jaguars are not frightened by dogs.

Mind blowing facts you know about animals

- The Inland Taipan is the world's most venomous snake.

- Common swifts can fly for 10 months without landing.

- Bees pollinate more than 30% of the world's crops.

- The largest spider in the world is the South American Goliath birdeater.

- The sloth spends 98% of its life in the trees.

- Otters hold hands while sleeping.

Mind blowing facts you know about animals

- Baby elephants suck their trunks for comfort.

.The smallest organism known to science is a single-celled bacterium that measures only 0.2 micrometers in length. For comparison, a human hair is about 50micrometers thick.

.The human brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons, each of which is capable of making up to 10,000 connections with other neurons. It is the most complex organ in the body.

.The universe is estimated to be around 13.8 billion years old, with the first stars forming just 200–400 million years after the Big Bang.

.If you could fold a piece of paper in half 103 times, it would be as thick as the observable universe. This is due to the exponential growth of thickness that occurs with each fold.

.The fastest land animal on earth is the cheetah, capable of running at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

.The largest living organism on earth is a colony of honey fungus in Oregon, covering over 2,200 acres.

.A lightning bolt can heat the air around it to temperatures of up to 30,000 kelvins, or five times hotter than the surface of the sun.

.The deepest part of the ocean, the Challenger Deep, is located in the Mariana Trench and is estimated to be over 36,000 feet deep.

.The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on earth and is made up of billions of individual living coral polyps.

.The human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colors, and each person's perception of color is unique due to variations in their individual cone cells.

.These are just a few examples of the fascinating facts that science has to offer. From the smallest cells to the vast expanse of the universe, science is constantly uncovering new and incredible discoveries about our world and beyond.

.Light would take .13 seconds to travel around the Earth.

. If you drilled a tunnel straight through the Earth and jumped in, it would take you exactly 42 minutes and 12 seconds to get to the other side.

. A medium-sized cumulus cloud weighs about the same as 80 elephants.

. A single bolt of lightning contains enough energy to cook 100,000 pieces of toast.

. There are 8 times as many atoms in a teaspoonful of water as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the Atlantic ocean.

. If the Sun were the size of a beach ball then Jupiter would be the size of a golf ball and the Earth would be as small as a pea.

. The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime.

. If you could drive your car straight up you would arrive in space in just over an hour

. According to Harvard psychologists, around 80-90% of dogs dream about their owner.

. Many people have urge to drink water before going to bed, it's because our brain don't want us to be dehydrated at night.

. The entire length of US - Canada border is marked by 20 feet deforested area known as "The Slash".

. A place called Swaziland passed a law which says that "witches can't fly broom above 150 meters” or else they will be arrested.

. Fishes living in Sea/Ocean have special mechanism in their gills that purify the salty water and provides fresh water.

. If you say word "colorful" with bit more lip sync, then it looks like you're saying"I love you".

. Mayflies have lifespan of 24 hours, which is the shortest lifespan.

. If a person uses power of all the muscles at one point then it can lift upto 25 ton, which is equal to 2 trucks.

. Some documents were found which shows that stone age people also used to perform brain surgery, which is around 7000 years old.