Astonishing information regarding Google

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Astonishing information regarding Google

Okay, then, allow me to impart some information about Google Knowledge to you!

Google's Original Name:

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1996, it was once known as -Backrub-. In 1997, the name was changed to Google, taking inspiration from the phrase -googol-, which means one followed by one hundred zeros.


"Googolplex" is the name given to Google's Mountain View, California, headquarters. An enormously huge number, considerably bigger than a googol, is called a googolplex. This is an allusion to the massive amounts of data that Google plans to catalogue and make available.

Google's First Tweet:

Posting "I am feeling lucky" in February 2009 was Google's first tweet. Bypassing the search results page and going straight to the first result, the "I am Feeling Lucky" button on Google's search engine is what this expression alludes to.

T-Rex from Google: 

A pixelated T-Rex game may have appeared on the -Unable to connect to the Internet- page that you may have seen while using Google Chrome. When you get the error warning, hit the space bar to enter this secret game.

Google's Free Services:

Many of Google's services are available at no cost to users. These include YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Gmail. We no longer communicate, navigate, or share information online in the same way that we did before these services became essential to many people's lives.

Google's Doodles:

Through its Google Doodles, Google frequently alters its logo to commemorate holidays, anniversaries, and noteworthy events. These creative takes on the Google logo highlight cultural occurrences, historical individuals, or accomplishments while showcasing artistic talent.

The Search Algorithms Used by Google: 

The search algorithms used by Google are extremely intricate and are always changing. The specific algorithms used to determine which search results are most relevant to users are a closely kept secret, but they prioritize freshness, authority, and relevancy when making their decisions.

Google's Acquisition Spree:

YouTube, Android, Waze, and DeepMind are just a few of the many firms that Google has bought out throughout the years. Through these purchases, Google has broadened its influence across multiple industries and technologies, solidifying its position as a tech industry leader.

Do a Google Image search for "Atari Breakout" and get ready to lose track of time.

To set a timer on Google (and have an alarm go off when the allotted time is up), just type in the desired duration followed by "timer."

With images taken by NASA satellites, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope, Google Sky allows you to travel to the furthest corners of the cosmos.

To observe how a term has evolved through time, you can use Google nGrams, a fascinating tool that searches 5.2 million books written between 1500 and 2008.

Afraid of large crowds? If you put "=english" after the 12-string number, Google will tell you how to say it.

Play around with Google's Build with Chrome and let your inner kid loose.

It will continue to function even if you include "+anything" in your email address. Set up a folder just for emails received to "" as an example of how this might be useful for email filtering.

Google has just launched SmartyPins, a new and entertaining game for Maps that tests your knowledge of different regions.

Tying the knot? Google has a lot of wedding-related features that can come in handy, such as helping you find a venue, making a website, filling out the plans, and more.

You can draw characters or symbols and have Google Translate translate them for you using the "Manual" function.

Discover a beautiful, royalty-free font (Google Fonts).

Indulge your cultural cravings by perusing Google Art Project's incredibly high-resolution images of artworks housed in the world's most prestigious institutions.

Was "Atari Breakout" a game you enjoyed? And here's another one.

You get finger aches from searching Google for "zerg rush"!

In honour of Pacman's 30th anniversary, Google took the iconic video game and turned it into a doodle. My childhood is rekindled as I reflect on the 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN :D

The Google developers are awesome! Find out why by checking out these amusing items..

Use Google to search for each of these separately.

"Do A Barrel Roll" "Tilt" "Recursion" "Define Anagram"

Launch Google Play and go to the search bar; don't type in anything yet.

Unicorns will appear in search results all over the place. 

Try looking up "Do The Harlem Shake" on YouTube.

An enraged mob of townies with pitchforks will charge across the screen as soon as you type "/Pitchforks" into the Google Hangouts conversation box. While typing "/BikeShed" also changes the backdrop colour, "/ShyDino" will display a green dinosaur hiding behind a little house in your chat window. My Little Pony was also not forgotten: Entering "/Ponies" or "/Ponystream" in Google Hangouts will cause animated ponies to race across your chat window.

Find the "Police Telephone Box" using Google Maps. The Earl's Court Station will be reached. To find the Doctor Who TARDIS on the pavement, use the streetview feature at that place. When you see the police box, click the two white arrows to the left to enter the time machine. When you step inside, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of its interior.

Konami, a video game maker from the late 1980s, allowed players to use a unique cheat code in its games. The "Konami Code" gained notoriety with the NDS game Contra. Players have the chance to unlock 30 more lives instead of the usual three by inputting "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start" during the title sequence of the game.

Several Google products, such as Chromebook Pixel, Google Docs, and Google Play Games, have included the Konami Code. You can get a creative achievement that reads, "All Your Games Belong To Us," by swiping the Konami Code on the Google Play Games mobile app. If you type the Konami Code into Google Docs, your entire page will be inverted. On Google's Chromebook Pixel, it will cause the external LCD stripe to blink wildly in a variety of colours.

Got tired of looking at pictures? A spinning layout for picture searches is now at your fingertips. Verify Google Sphere